Interior Decorating Tools and Color Perception

Knowledge of the color wheel adds to our Interior  Decorating Tools

Color Wheel

Perceiving Color Correctly is one of

important Interior Decorating Tools

Color exists because of light, an object and someone perceiving it.

Though we often think that pure white light is colorless it actually has all

the colors in our visual spectrum of sight.  Our eye senses this spectrum

from the Cones and Rod cells in our retinas..  Rod cells pick up low-light

vision where cone cells discern color and acuity.  We normally have three cone

cells in our eyes that can sense short, medium or long wavelength light.

This allows our eyes to see color.  We tend to be more sensitive to yellow-

green areas of the color spectrum.


Another great one of Interior Decorating Tools is to know that Color has both

hue and saturation.

The hue of a color means that a particular wavelength of light is most

dominant for that color.  Blue can have variations of wavelengths that

changes its appearance. A color’s saturation is a measure of its purity.

It can range from dark to light…pale ice blue to deep navy.


Color Blindness Affects Your Interior Decorating Tools ability to discern

different colors  in your environment. This color blindness is due

to the problem with the color sensing cones that are found in the retina of

the back side of the eye mentioned before..  If one pigment is missing

of the three needed in the cone of your retina you have

trouble discerning the difference between red and green. If another

pigment is missing in your cone  you may have trouble

distinguishing blue-yellow colors. Some persons suffer from

achromatopsia, total color blindness where you see only gray colors.

This is a rare condition but most color blindness exists because of

heredity factors. Men most often are color blind rather than women

as their X chromosome is affected by the lack of the proper pigments

in the cone. Men have only one X chromosome where women have

two. When choosing carpet sometimes a woman’s eye is evident in

her ability to use this important interior decorating tool.

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