Stainmaster Carpet Fiber Reviews

Stainmaster Carpet Fiber Reviews

In the same fashion as teflon protects a fry pan, scotchgard soil treatments have begun to be used on carpets.

As early as 1986 Stainmaster Carpet Fiber Reviews began. Stainmaster was being used to help repel stains on carpeting.

How They Work

Stainmaster Carpet Fiber ReviewsTeflon works to protect a pan from scratches and stains. In this fashion, Scotchgard is used similarly to waxing a car to protect the carpets finish from stains. It will help the stain to bead up on the carpet surface.

Because it beads up it is quicker and easier to clean off of the carpet, especially when it is cleaned off immediately.

In most cases, if the stain is blotted up immediately, there won’t be a stain at all. Consumers who discovered this began making positive reviews of stainmaster carpet products. Stainmaster carpet fiber reviews have now become a recommended way to learn more about the product.

Types of Stains

Stainmaster Carpet Fiber ReviewsIf a carpet has been Scotchguard with a stainmaster product, the stains are much easier to clean up. Typical stains could include such things as Kool Aid, juice, Gatorade, wine, coffee, tea, dark foods and more.

Due to the acid in the carpet dyes, most of these food and drink items would permanently stain the carpeting thus causing the carpet to appear very dirty.

Thanks to stainmaster, these carpets may still look like new even years after they have been put into a home. As a mom this meant that there would be fewer kool aid or grapejuice stains. Moms began to tell one another about this great new product and thus positive reviews were born.

How It Works

The Stainmaster breakthrough helped stains to be prevented by understanding that the negative charged dye attaches to the positive charged dyes. This allows the carpet fibers to cling to or hold onto the dye.

As the dyes were neutralized via a staining compound (spilled drink or food item) then they would change and thus cling to the staining item.

However, the Stainmaster allowed the carpet to cling to the chemical compound thus not allowing it to cling to the food item that was spilled. This changed carpeting and the publics reviews of carpeting forever.

Is It Foolproof?

No, nothing is foolproof.

However, if the Scotchgard treatment is used properly and correctly, most stains will be repelled and much easier to get out of the carpeting. Never allow a stain to just sit on the carpet. T

he longer a stain remains on the carpet, the more challenging it can be to get it out of the carpet even with a Scotchgard treatment. When considering Stainmaster Carpet Fiber Reviews it is important to note that they are referring to stains that are quickly blotted up out of the carpeting vs a stain that has been allowed to sit on the carpet for several hours or longer.

Consumer Reactions

As consumers began to see the reaction of this new product they became excited. No longer did they have to shampoo their carpets frequently or replace them due to stains. Suddenly, with this new product, white carpeting was back in vogue as well as other light colors that had been previously ignored. This opened up an entire new realm of decorating possibilities.

Resistant Vs Prevents

It is very important to make note of the fact that stainmaster products do not prevent stains. Stains are inevitable as people may spill liquids or drop food items or other staining materials on carpeting. Stainmaster is better worded as making carpeting more resistant to stains rather than preventing stains.

Stainmaster Brand Name

In 2004 Stainmaster sold out to the Coke Industry. No longer are the words Stainmaster and DuPont synonymous. Teflon however, is still a part of DuPont.

How To Find A Stainmaster Dealer In Your Area

There are several ways to go about finding stainmaster carpeting in your local area. You don’t have to live in the big city to find this name brand in carpeting. You’ll find this great product online and in just about any carpeting store.

As can be clearly seen, Stainmaster has changed the world of carpeting for the better one carpet at a time. With so many people giving positive reviews and reactions to Stainmaster Carpet Fiber Review sites more and more people have flocked to buy this great stain resistant product for their own homes.

Stainmaster Carpet Fiber Reviews

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