4/10/2019 – Ceramic Tile

Did you know that one of the most effective ways to increase your home’s value is to update your bathroom and kitchen?  Resistant to fire, water & fade, ceramic tile is the perfect choice for these rooms.  It’s one of the most versatile products, able to be installed practically anywhere.  Tile can be used on an accent wall, in showers, to make your backsplash pop, or even to give your boring concrete patio some style.  With many shapes, colors, finishes and patterns, your design options are unlimited!   Ceramic tile is easy to maintain and contains no allergens, VOCs, formaldehyde, or PVC.  It’s also cost-effective – over its 50 year lifetime, tile costs less per year to install and maintain compared to all other floor finishes.  It provides a durable timeless beauty that should be at the top of your list, whether you’re building or remodeling.  Call our knowledgeable staff for an appointment to design your dream home using ceramic tile today!