Commercial Flooring Design

When making choices for any office space or commercial application there is always a major consideration. Wearabilty and endurance. What is the space used for and what situation. Is there going to be a lot of traffic? Is there staining to worry about?

Do you want to your floor covering to last for a long period of time or do you just want the floor to look good today with no consideration for tomorrow? There are choices for floor covering…Hard surface or soft?

Carpet or solid vinyl or laminate? What are you looking for? Softness and sound resistance? Hard core endurance to stain and an ability to withstand abuse. Let’s explore the possibilities.

Carpet: Carpet can be used with the confidence that there will be sound proofing and a warm environment. There are carpets that are inherently stain resistant because of the fiber they’re constructed. They can have high density of fiber content. There are ratings that show you based on the height and weight of the fiber just how dense it is….how it will withstand the rigors of abuse…high traffic. wear and tear of staining and tearing of seams by constant foot traffic.

Carpet has many designs and fiber content. It is one of the most economical ways to cover a floor to hide perfections and make the environment a warm place to be.

Laminates. A laminated floor is a constructed of the same products as a kitchen countertop. This polymer is extremely durable and has many designs that mimic wood and stone. Its main drawback is that it can be somewhat loud when walked upon. It is extremely durable! You can put a cigarette out and not disturb the surface! Think of how that durability can help many seeking to withstand hard use and durability.
Solid Vinyls. Solid vinyl floors are exactly what they indicate: Solid surface all the way through. They are extremely resistant to wear and staining. They are soft to the touch when walking’ on them yet very durable. There are different millimeters of wear layers that indicate the wearabilty needed; rather residential or commercial use.

As you see there are many options in choosing the floor covering for various needs. If you have questions I can find the answers for you if I don’t’ know them. I have a huge library of product specifications and have vendors with endless resources of product information.

We can design what style you are in search of by looking at what needs you have; what look you want to have; contemporary, traditional, casual, or any feel you are searching. Just how much wear you will have; what environment you want to create; what colors you want to project your mood or image. The possibilities are endless. We can make it happen for you. The possibilities are endless…..Lets do it together.