My Anso Fiber Review

Anso Fiber Review: Why Choose Anso Nylon?

My Anso Fiber ReviewAnso nylon is arguably the oldest fiber brand in the carpet industry. It was introduced to the market more than 30-years ago. Today, Anso carpet fibers are used to weave some of the best carpets in the industry. The specialty of these carpets are their exceptional beauty and superior performance when compared with other brands on the market. Anso fibers help to create some of the toughest, most resilient and durable carpets available today. This comprehensive Anso fiber review will reveal some of the most important benefits of using carpets created with Anso nylon fibers.

My Anso Fiber Review

 My Anso Fiber Review – Basement Luxury

Nylon fiber is a much better alternative when it comes to selecting the best carpets for your home or office. In fact, they deliver all-round performance compared to polypropylene and polyester fibers. Anso nylon is 20-30% tougher than these fibers where stress strain is concerned. Anso is much more abrasion resistant than these other fiber materials. This quality will help the carpet in retaining its appearance no matter how long it is used. Hence durability of the carpet is eventually guaranteed. Low quality fibers can result in changing the appearance of the surface quite sooner since these fibers lack toughness. This is where Anso fibers would surpass most of the other fibers in quality and durability.

My Anso Fiber ReviewAnso nylon fiber is recognized as possessing the highest resilience when compared to all other natural and synthetic carpet fibers. Anso nylon fibers use a novel twist-setting and twist-lock system in order to improve its resilience compared to other fibers. The CrossBond technology is a proprietary technology used by Anso in this regard. This technology guarantees the resistance of the fibers in avoiding the carpet being crushed by foot traffic. It will also help to prevent twisting of the fibers under heavy use. The novel CrossBond technology is what makes Anso fiber so versatile and resilient than most of its competition.

The aforementioned are only a few benefits revealed in this Anso fiber review. There are many more important advantages of using carpets designed with Anso fibers. Below mentioned are some of the other main benefits of Anso fiber carpets.

All Anso nylon fibers are treated with stain resistant treatments. It is mandatory that all household and office carpets made with Anso fiber be stain-resist treated. It will help to prevent or minimize household stains from ruining your carpet. Anso offers a guarantee that all their carpets are treated with stain resistant technology before the label is placed on the carpet. Anso carpets will beautify your home for many years without allowing stubborn stains to ruin your carpet.

Another important feature of Anso fiber is the innovative anti-soil treatment technology. This treatment will help to cleanup the carpet better after heavy use. These carpets would resist soil and prevent early deterioration compared to its competition. All carpets created with Anso fibers would have to undergo soil-resistant treatment on a mandatory basis.

There are many varieties in the Anso nylon fiber brand. Some of the most popular types are highlighted below.

Anso Nylon –

The Anso Nylon would provide enhanced durability and great value to the carpet. It possesses improved soil and stain resistant qualities. Anso nylon could withstand day to day wear and tear more effectively.

Anso Smart Choice II –

This type would resist stains, soil and is quite durable. It provides greater yarn density and comfort. Carpets produced with this fiber should meet strict minimum construction standards during the production process. The fiber is quite resistant to wear and tear too.

Anso Caress –

Anso Caress would make the carpet extremely comfortable for your feet. The silk-like softness is combined with the extreme toughness and durability of the fiber quite effectively. Carpets made with this fiber looks more elegant than any other carpet on the market.

Anso CrushResister TLC –

This fiber is made using the patent pending Fusion technology of Anso. It has taken the aesthetics and performance of the carpet to new heights. It has been able to create an elegant, beautiful carpet with an extended lifespan. The improved durability, stain & soil resistance and appearance are some of the salient features of carpets made from Anso CrushResister TLC fibers.

The aforementioned comprehensive Anso fiber review will help you to make an informed decision when purchasing a carpet.

Anso Fiber Review

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